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Our Story

The story of HAPPY HEART began 16 years ago and is closely associated with my own personal story. At that time, I was searching for changes in my life because of spiritual and medical reasons (read more about it on my profile). Heartfulness Meditation fascinated me because of its naturalness, simplicity and proven effectiveness. There are no rituals, bans, commands and its effectiveness can be immediate. 

Repetitive practice brought relieve not only to me, but also to my surroundings. Suddenly, after an unpleasant experience, I was able to recover quickly. I also started to recognize my inner strength, which I wasn’t aware of before and did not use it at all. And finally, health benefits followed very shortly.

All this had led me to the idea of spreading the Heartfulness Meditation and its positive effects to my surrounding. And here we are together, with a team of experienced lecturers, taking a decision close to our hearts, and creating the nonprofit organization Happy Heart z.ú. . We deeply believe that the Heart plays an immense role in the life of every human being, and is the source of our feelings and emotions. We also believe that decisions done genuinely through our heart are the right ones.

Why Happy? We are among those who firmly believe that Happiness is the natural state of mind. Though the mind makes so much noise that it's hard to notice it sometimes. We also believe that our upbringing, our culture, our environment and our lived stories past and present leave their influence and imprints on us, pulling us away from our natural state of being happy. 

This why we are trying to help, inspire and guide those who has decided to search for and find happiness and well-being. Our goal is to share with you the practical experiences we have, the scientific and spiritual knowledge. To make it short, we will share with you everything that makes us happy.

Let your life be full of light and love.

Your Roya Ravanbakhsh and the whole Happy Heart Team

We are learning from the teachings of the Heartfulness institution (focusing on meditation on the heart) and of its worldwide full trainer, Mr. Kamlesh D. Patel, known more lovingly as Daaji . Lear more here: