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Happy Hotel Employees

admin | February 15, 2021

I truly believe every leader would like to have a great workplace where the people are happy and motivated to do their job’s and beyond. As a starting point to check if you have the make up in your hotel to accomplish this goal review below and ask yourself if your team would truthfully say they have all this. If not, then you have a great place to ​start.

First of all you need to look at fairness. There are few things that are more crusial to avoid unhappiness than ensuring you have a fair structure.

Does all your employees have:

  • Fair treatment & conditions
  • Salaries reflecting the work done
  • Fair scheduling & work hours

If you have the above covered – well done! This is a great start on the road to a happier workplace. Now that you comfortable that this is in place – remember to tell your teams. Announce in meetings, remind people through posters, in their payslip etc. There are lots of fun ways to share what you are doing for your people.

To go from a fair and satisfied work environment to a happy workplace you need to start looking at the more “fluffy items” that are related to feelings. Happiness at work is all about the feeling people get when they are thinking about work, talking about work and doing the work. This can’t be measured in itself (so please don’t try as it can easily have the opposite effect) however there are many things you can look at that will indicate a happy workplace. Ask yourself and then ask your management team and the employees – if all of us are:

  • having great relationships
  • achieving results
  • being noticed for job well done/ results
  • safe to make mistakes
  • comfortable that the manager will not blame them in front of the guests
  • given authority to take decision on the spot
  • rewarded for work done
  • having respectful managers
  • celebrated for their successes
  • having fun activities together as a team 
  • connected with their peers and managers
  • supported by management
  • safe guarded from threats of social media from guests
  • having hiring interviews with peer group, immediate manager & GM
  • included in new hires through group discussion 
  • allowed to be themselves

If you have stories, ideas and thoughts around above I would love to hear from you. All stories that are contributing to the writing of our book “Happy Hotels” will be rewarded.

So drop us an email on or comment on the website: