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Why Heart?

I firmly believe in and share the opinion of wise masters who say that the human being is good by nature. It is truly more natural and effortless to do good than to lie or harm. The Heart is the realm of feelings and the siege of all emotions and inspiration, and therefore plays a huge role in a person’s life and being.

Have you noticed? When we say that "it's a hearty person," or "he is heart-sore or has weight on his heart," we realize that everything that concerns our well-being or its lack is inseparably linked to the heart and has a source there. Our whole life is guided by feelings and inspiration, and there the heart plays a big role. By listening to our emotions and capturing the inspiration coming from within, we can happily and effectively master our lives by listening to our heart whenever it is needed.

“When we truly come from the heart, we need not go through an elaborate mental process of making choices; we always know what is right. It is only when we compromise our intrinsic goodness that we need to deliberate over choices in life” Kamlesh D. Patel, worldwide Heartfulness Master Trainer and spiritual guide