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Why Happy?

I am among those who firmly believe that Happiness is the natural state of human being. Though the mind makes so much noise that it's hard to notice it. I also believe that our upbringing, our culture, our environment and our lived stories past and present leave their influence and imprints on us, pulling us away from our natural state of being happy. 

Once basic necessary levels of freedom, health and income are met, a prominent number of scientific, psychological and sociological studies show that non-material, quality-of-life factors are among the most important determinants of both subjective reports of human happiness and objective indices of well-being.

Not only Psychologists and Scientists are taking the notion of Happiness very seriously, but so do high level Economical and Political sectors  . In 2011,  for example, Happiness was discussed at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, not just as a priority for global health, but also as a "fundamental human goal," from which all segments of our society, including economic growth can benefit.

At Happy Heart, we aspire to inspire our fellow happiness seekers in finding Joy and Wellbeing, by sharing the knowledge and awareness of Science and Spirituality in things that make us happy (some of them might even surprise you). May Love and Light be always with you.